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  • How About a Chinese Mould Maker Do?
    Good design is an essential part of a high quality plastic mould,Plastic-injectionmoulding.com team spend many time in every plastic mould design analysis. We control the plastic mould design process rigorous and do best to avoid any errors and defect of the design. Mould Makers design, make and repair moulds and models used in industry to mass-produce plastic or metal components and products. Mould Makers may use hand-molding techniques for small quantities of items, but will often use computer and industrial technology to produce large numbers of identical items. Mould Makers may also specialize in one of the following areas: as small casting, medium size casting, or larger size casting molders.

    Mould making Related Skills, Process and Values
    All the mould components must be precise tooling by machining. In order to reduce the deforming of plastic mould parts when tooling, the moulds machining for 3 steps: the rough tooling ,half precision tooling and precision tooling, Before precise machining, there is one dimension inspection, after the precise machining, before it taking for assembling, there is dimensions inspection according to the 2D drawings .and the dimensions must be within moulds 2D drawings' tolerances. We work out the best suitable tooling technical and reasonable tooling process ,then make a plastic mould
    Tooling report, every tooling step will following the process report, even any delay on one step, will try
    Best to make up the time on the next steps.

    What Preparation and Working Do You Need?
    Before T1 test, there is inspection of plastic mould.
    Before moulds shipment, all the plastic moulds will run onput on the injection machine for mass production inspection to make sure good plastic moulds to customer.Mould Makers generally work full time, sometimes in shift work, in foundries or production shops. Overtime may be necessary from time to time to meet production deadlines. The types of foundries you may find employment with include:

    • steel foundries
    • grey iron foundries
    • malleable iron foundries
    • brass foundries (including bronze and aluminum)

    Ask Yourself: Do you need a Mould Maker  service for You?

    Do you have a new project  need invest plastic injection molding part, metal stamping part, vacuum forming parts

    Yes       No

    Do you have a good eye for detail, and the ability to design?

    Yes       No

    Do you want to find a trustable supplier ?

    Yes       No

    Would you mind working overseas, give you nice job, good quality and cheap price?

    Yes       No

    Can you give them 3d drawing ,part sample directions and follow them carefully?

    Yes       No

    Do you enjoy keeping up with them and learning about new technology of mould?

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    If above answer is yes, do you want to contact us right now?

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    If you answered Yes to most of these questions, China Mould Making service may be for you!


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