How to find a good chinese injection molding supplier

In the main reason,American and European companies source injection molding products in China,is not the price factor, but Chinese has a mature industry supply chain, from mold making to the supply of raw materials, from paint products to laser engraving and final assembly work.

However, if we want to have a substantive discussion and ask for what time to select the injection molding supplier, before making your decision, look at our proposal, you must be inspired.

Many customer who do not understand injection molding business the in order to save costs, in the early stage of product development, looking for a simple factory make tools, just for cheap price, then when they send mold to our factory, engineers told him you bought a toy, not tools/molds

  • Good project production planning.

Regardless of project size, make a plan that is the ability to control the whole process, from raw materials preparation, printing and packaging products.Customers job is to regularly check the schedule of the project execution, and give the update 3

  • Quality System and Validation Systems

Do not confuse by a ISO9000 or QS2000 certification paper , It is only a piece of paper can be bought in China. Do not give a few projectors, three coordinate measuring machine to deceive your judgment, it can be bought with money also.

What is accumulated by an enterprise, through years of experience to get it, the answer is a company's unique quality management team, as well as from the reputation of their customers.

As the plastic injection molding supplier in China, we provide solutions to the production of a full set of products, my team motto " quality, quality, and quality in mind everyday, to ensure customer satisfaction, we can survive" through our unremitting efforts to customers fully trust our products and services, he / she will be back to do business with us, and even we recommend to other companies.

At the same time your intellectual property rights are fully protected, we earn the profits of enterprises, while ensuring that our customers because of good quality to get them more in return.

If you are not the first timeto buy plastic injection molded parts, I believe there must have been a bad experience. The experiences are usually pay for a higher price. There are too many cases, poor quality, delivery, service and technical support is not good.
The only important to the supplier is their receivables, we have cooperated with the United States, Canada, Australia and the European Union partners, for all of the injection molding suppliers, for your survival.

To go a long way to improve our executive ability, which can adapt to the global procurement now?
My colleague, are you ready to serve the world?





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