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  • Cn moulding department offers the latest state of the art molding equipment, . Our new machines are computer controlled and process monitored. All machines have dedicated mold temperature controllers, desiccant material dryers and material loaders.
    We process all thermoplastic material from commodity materials such as polyethylene to engineering thermoplastics.
    The combination of the latest equipment, our seasoned technical staff and our sincere commitment to quality will ensure the highest level of quality parts and on time delivery.

Custom Injection Molded Plastic China Parts and Tooling

  • Our efficiency and quality control standards are well-documented, with ISO 9001:2008 and Six Sigma certifications. Our quality control manager is also happy to work with customers to elevate their own internal quality systems. We accept both low- and high-volume production orders, even making prototype-quantity runs when required. Tooling, stamping, assembly, steel components, and electronics operations are all located in-house at our facilities, improving turnaround time and cost-effectiveness for our customers. We also proudly offer extensive secondary processing and machining capabilities, including circuit board assembly, CNC machining, and testing. We look forward to your inquiry. Please contact Cn-moulding Plastics for a quote today. - See more at:


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