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  • we are really China mold builder and injection molder. Low cost quality mods, low / high volume production,export business 15 years already!

    China Plastic injection molding produces plastic parts by forcing molten plastic into a mold where it cools and hardens.China plastic injection molding is the most commonly used manufacturing process for the fabrication of plastic parts. A wide variety of products are manufactured using injection molding, which vary greatly in their size, complexity, and application. china plastic injection molding process requires the use of an injection molding machine, raw plastic material, and a mold. The plastic is melted in the injection molding machine and then injected into the mold, where it cools and solidifies into the final part. The steps in this process are described in greater detail in the next section.

China Injection Mold Plastics

China injection mold plastics ---- professional plastic injection mold company

Injection Molded Plastics Product :Custom manufacturer of molded plastics including insert & injection molded plastics. Capabilities include precision plastic molding, custom insert molding, plastic injection mold building & scientific plastic injection molding. Industries served include aerospace, electronics, medical supplies & instruments, filtration devices components & defense department

Injection Molding Company China

  • Welcome to CN-moulding company, it is premier industrial resource for Injection Molded Plastics.The listings offer a broad range of injection molded plastics, including custom injection molded plastics and precision injection molded plastics. With this website, you can source everything from thermoplastic injection molded plastics ,injection molded plastics, to medical, short run and 2-shot molded plastic parts.

  • Injection molding is used to produce thin-walled plastic parts for a wide variety of applications, one of the most common being plastic housings. Plastic housing is a thin-walled enclosure, often requiring many ribs and bosses on the interior. These housings are used in a variety of products including household appliances, consumer electronics, power tools, and as automotive dashboards. Other common thin-walled products include different types of open containers, such as buckets. Injection molding is also used to produce several everyday items such as toothbrushes or small plastic toys. Many medical devices, including valves and syringes, are manufactured using injection molding as well.


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