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How It's Made Plastic injection molds from injectionmold on Vimeo.

  What about china plastic injection molding company

For over 15 years,CN Moulding Plastics Company continues to offer our customers the best in High Level Mold Making & State of the Art Injection Molding in China.

  Why you choose us :  One stop solution for your development and supply from industrial design àrapid prototypingàmold maker and plastic molding a finally product we support you from the beginning to the end.

  Our mission is help our customers to  bring their product to market quicker than the competition in the most cost effective way possible. If you need help in New Product Development, or plastic product design , our Team will work with you to bring your product to market  more faster.




  We  specializes in precision production molds, custom molded plastics and integrated assembly. We were committed to providing responsive solution driven injection molding services.
  We have advanced  CMM Machine,CNC Machine, EDM Machine, Wire-Cutting and other normal machine, the injection machine from 100ton to 650ton.We can inject almost any kind of plastics such as ABS, PC, PBT, ABS-PC, PP, PMMA, PPS, nylon, etc. The steel we use for manufacturing moulds are P-20, H-13(full hardend mould with HRC 52-54, 420 SS (Stainless Steel),ETC or as specified by the customers.
   Why you need select Our Company?

In China plastic injection molding manufacturer is so much, how to distinguish a good source for plastic injection molding company? After your investigation, there are few Chinese manufacturers to meet your company's needs. We own uniqueness injection moulding system  in Shanghai China . We set up a very precise and the quality of the injection molded parts, specifically for the United States, Britain, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Australia, Holland and Italy, Austria customers. We have very good equipment, including high speed milling machine,mirror EDM machine,our engineer and sales is good at mold technology English , so our company is very easy to communicate. Feel free to let us know you find a plastic injection moulding manufacturing in China. Cnmoulding will Speed Up Your Development Cycle and Save cost 30%



"For everything we've grown and changed, one thing has stayed the same: We come to work every day excited to build our part to help our customers bring innovative ideas to market, faster than anyone in China."
–kenny han
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