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Transparent & clear plastic injection moulding parts


Few of Injection Moulding company can make nice transparent/clear plastic parts in china. since for these plastic producsts usually use for optical and plastic packeging, the material should be of high transparency, good impact and abrasion resistance, China plastic injection molding (CN-MOULDING) is professional company for transparent/clear plastic part molding in China. Up to 20 years’ experience in the plastic injection
mold industry, we develope our technology for different transparent plastic part molding solutions.

Injection Moulding of Clear, Transparent Pieces

There are other types of clear optical plastics but these are the main ones and, in reality, only thefirst four are used on a regular basis. The exact type used is very dependent on a large number of variables. Clear optical plastics have a wide range of refractive index values with polycarbonate having a refractive index of about 1.6. Clear optical plastics also have a wide range of temperature resistance and chemical resistance although chemical resistance is usually not a major concern since optical systems usually don't get exposed to severe chemical environments.

Transparent/Clear Material for difference plastic parts

Transparent injection molding products: material is stronger, usable in a wider temperature range and more expensive PMMA transparent injection molding products : often used as a light weight or shatter-resistant alternative to glass. It is sometimes called acrylic glass
Polystyrene Transparent injection molding products: is used in a variety of consumer and commercial products with major applications in domestic appliances, construction, electronics, toys and food industry.
PET transparent injection molding parts: is an excellent barrier material, it is widely used for bottle making



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