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  Cn-moulding will provide you rapid prototyping, industrial design ,mold manufacturing, short-run and mass production, tooling and injection molding services.
  Our rapid prototyping service capabilities and deep technical knowledge can provide the competitive edge you need in the product development process to help you get your products to market faster. 
  Why you need rapid prototyping company

  Rapid Prototypes & Prototyping: Building Your Vision:

  We will let have feeling of object in your sketch, or your computer-aided

  design . Will let your new component fit into its overall assembly ,will let your product work.

  Most of our rapid prototype job use CNC machining

  1.   This is a subtractive process i.e. material is removed from a block of material to leave the desired 3D shape. Due to the lower labour rates in China, CNC prototyping is the most popular of out of all the processes:
      The advantage of cnc milling prototype is
      •Best surface finishes achievable. Parts can be mirror polish
      •Wide range of production for any kind of plastic and metal materials
      •Critical dimension can be achieved (0.1 mm)
      •Small to large volume production capabilities.
      • 2nd operations possible (chrome plating,  ultrasonic welding,screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping and painting).

  If you need run small batch production, we have prototype injection mold service, it is also good for you  our rapid prototyping approach uses the latest technologies and most advanced  materials to achieve your prototyping goals.our service specializes in quick turnaround, but also provides the rapid prototyping engineering experience that can save you time and money.

  Prototyping is a great way to reduce the costs and reduce the risk of the product development process. However there are some limitations depending on the process chosen due to the  difference in processing and materials. With our many years of manufacturing experience we can offer advice to help you avoid this happening to you.



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