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  Why you need a china plastic injection molding company to help you do design job?

  Because we can providing our clients with professional solutions to industrial design of new products, In past 10 years ,a lot of clients need such design service, customer will get some sample from exhibition or competitor side, we will copy and change style , structure from old sample or our clients only have a idea for product and they need turn their idea into really 3d model.

  During design process, we will change the parts more easy for molds tools making in future It is really enhancing the value of products by the most economical investment and turning the solutions into the "keys" in practice.

  Injection molded plastic parts can be designed to provide good looking products that consumers want to buy at no additional cost over boring products that have no sales appeal. To do this you need the right product concept, the right people, and the right tools. We have capacity to treat Solidworks, Pro/engineering, UGII ,Catia famous 3D software.

  With our experience and expertise in 3D software technologies can help you in 3D Plastic product design. Our technology based services in product structure analysis, injection mold design and making ,injection molding to an extra edge to enhance our core plastic product design capabilities. We can assist you with plastic product designing from the conceptual stage, or if widespread modifications are required to go into the process, working closely with rotational molder we ensure a successful launch of your product.

  Our Design team with high-calibre, teamwork spirit and innovation capacities. Our service is not only a concept for design but also consider really mould making in futurewhich will realize a material leap from initial ideas to final products.

  Contact us now and you give get extra service not only simple plastic product design!



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