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  We manufactures and distributes Auto Parts, Plastic Closure, Plastic Strip, Plastic Shell for your choice for a wide range of industries and applications. In china molding  Plastics' 20 year history, we have injection molded plastic parts in every available plastic shape. We have extensive resources for locating even difficult to find material or help with coordinating custom plastic parts runs.

  1. - Injection molded manufactuer

  2. Combines over 20 years of practical experience in plastic injection molding with continued investment in technological innovation to ensure that we produce exceptional results for our customers.
  3. our focus is on your success. Whether through innovative proprietary products or practical
  4. injection molding manufacturing solutions to your design concepts, precisely meeting your needs is
  5. our top priority. Our scientific molding process assures high levels of consistent quality, and is
  6. supported by our in-house tool shop and free lifetime maintenance on many molds.

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What of our services are: 

  1.  Plastic Part Fabrication
  2.  Plastic Injection Molding
  3.  Custom Plastic Part Maker
  4.  Custom Injection Molding
  5.   Custom Plastic Fabrication
  6. Injection moulding is used to produce thin-walled plastic parts for a wide variety of applications, one of the most common being plastic housings. Plastic housing is a thin-walled enclosure, often requiring many ribs and bosses on the interior. These housings are used in a variety of products including household appliances, consumer electronics, power tools, and as automotive dashboards. Other common thin-walled products include different types of open containers, such as food box. Injection moulding is also used to produce several household items such as transparent parts or overmolding toothbrushes. Many medical devices, including valves and syringes, are manufactured using injection molding as well.
  7. Typical



    Thin-walled: Cylindrical
    Thin-walled: Cubic
    Thin-walled: Complex


    Part size:

    Envelope: 0.01 in³ - 80 ft³
    Weight: 0.5 oz - 55 lb




    Surface finish - Ra:

    4 - 16 μin

    1 - 32 μin


    ± 0.008 in.

    ± 0.002 in.

    Max wall thickness:

    0.03 - 0.25 in.

    0.015 - 0.5 in.


    10000 - 1000000

    1000 - 1000000

    Lead time:




    Fabricate complex shapes
    Excellent surrface polish
    High criticalaccuracy
    High production rate
    Low labor cost
    Scrap can be recycled


    Limited to thin walled parts
    High tooling and equipment cost
    Long lead time possible


    Medical, Automotive,Machining etc.,

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