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  Overmolding process

Over molding is the plastic injection moulding process where one material (usually like soft plastic material TPE/TPR/TPU) is molded onto a second material (typically a rigid plastic,Like ABS).

  There are two types of overmolding: insert and “two-shot”. Insert Molding

  The process of insert molding begins when some form of insert is placed in the mold. The insert could be any type of fastener, nut, connector or object that historically required soldering. Plastic is injected into the mold, encasing the inserts and forming the part.

  the more popular process, is an injection molding process where one material  is molded “over” a secondary

  we should make insert mold or over mold/ over mould first. It is  more high technology mould than normal ones with two various material injection mould.

  But why custom need overmolding parts

  Overmolding can add immeasurable value to product design by enhancing the end users experience in terms of comfort, ergonomics, and ease of use. In order to achieve this level of manufacturing there are two important concepts that must be understood for success to take place, we have to know Only clients win their market, then we will win long terms cooperation with them.

  1. Overmolding: Product Design. General Concepts. The wall thickness of the substrate and overmold should be as uniform as possible to obtain the best cycle time.
  2. Overmolding parts material selection is important :Materials used in our process are synthetic polymer compounds that are used in place of plastic and rubber due to the superior properties.   Polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic, silicone and RIM  (reaction injection molding) polyurethane have excellent dielectric properties and are available in hundreds of custom formulas which have been designed for use in a wide range of specific applications.

Overmolding molds is four types of plastic injection molds in China

Plastic injection molds to create objects, injection molding plastic is forced into the mold cavity. They are often used to scale manufacturing operations, creating new products, such as toys, kitchen utensils, caps, mobile phone sets. You can use the injection moldflash line” extra plastic around the seams discovery projects. There are four main types of commonly used plastic injection molds.





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