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  Medical plastic injection moulding service

Our specialties in injection molding include precision molding , applications utilizing demanding resins, as well as molds with complicated geometries and multiple actions.Wide range of computer controlled precision injection moulding machines from 100ton-650ton, Chinese medical device plastic products was injection molded  are very high quality, precision parts that have very high critical dimension, achieved by using high precision moulding dies. We have experience in using Engineering Plastics to produce such as precision  plastic Parts for medical industrial .When you partner with in china, we provides you world-class of medical device manufacturing services, including injection molding, insert molding, overmolding, and micromolding. These medical device plastic products can weigh less than 1 gram, or as much as 2.5 kg. Our quality guarantee is Cn-moulding commitment for these medical plastic often use CPK quality software system  for quality checks, in order to satisfy the customer requirement for 100% good parts.

Benefits of our medical/medicine Plastic Injection Moulding :

  The most important feature is vary medical device plastic products can be easily molded into any shape and size according to the difference medical/medicine requirement. This quality of plastic has made it very popular for the manufacturing Medical Plastic industrial components. Consequently the demand of medical device plastic injection molding is very high in the market today. This industry is also growing at rapid speed. Quickly delivery time ,specially  plastic raw materialis characteristic for medical plastic products supplier.

From concept to reality in china, will provide your medical/medicine device plastic injection molding program for success, You’ll find we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your program objectives on time and within your budget. 




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