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Cnmoulding is a professional plastic injection molds company in china. Our company focus on various plastic injection molds  solutions for customers. And we always stick to provide customer with “innovation and economic mold making solutions”. based on ISO9000 administration,we also provide start-to-finish, customer-driven injection molds services for both short-run and high-quantity requirements.Looking for a one-stop shop? We can help you save time and money by managing the entire production process from start to finish.

       Why make Injection molds in china

  Our customers often complaining about purchased the plastic injection mold quality from China , actually, more and more companies are buy more the injection molds from China, from 1-2 mould to each project 40+ molds, and set up China as its global procurement mold base. The answer is they found Chinese injection mold manufacturer can production nice mold, now China already has a complete mold production and supply system, which is why foreign plastic injection mold manufacturers continued to lose their market.

   In China, now more and more manufacturers of plastic injection mould hire technical sales engineer, who graduated from the famous university, and have rich practical experience, they are good at communication and English. So they can be good technical staff and customers to communicate effectively. Making a new plastic injection mold, must be mold design, and then analyzes how to make the mold (size, structure, material, cost reduction etc.), so the key point is to grasp the customer is production requirements connection. Our factory cooperate with many domestic and foreign companies many years. Customers from the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Holland, Denmark and Italy. Australia, Austria, South Africa, Spain and so on, if you have a new custom mold manufacturing project, our outstanding work history, we are very happy to give you a quotation.

   After 30 years of development, mold manufacturing in China become an important export industries, has a developed industrial chain, a good supporting supply, and educated business development and project management personnel. Makes you can use cheaper price to buy more high quality mold.

   How you select a china injection molds company

  Over the years, China plastic injection mold manufacturing has the advantages of low cost. But too much lower mold development costs also have bad results. Our customers told me a true story, a new injection mold just bought from Chinese, can not be used. The biggest problem is a technology injection mold manufacturer of large-scale mold precision control ability is not enough. The machining accuracy of the machine, the defects of cooling water system design and all kinds of new plastic materials are not familiar with, when we finally get the sample accuracy relative to the customer design drawings to the original a lot worse, but is unable to modify the fatal error! Another problem is the heat treatment problem, the customer ordered a pair of injection mold, mold production samples sent to the United States, hardness test pieces of plastic injection mold, the hardness is not up to the requirements of customers. Now spent about $50000 again do heat treatment in the United States, customers throughout the project failed to account the loss of millions of dollars, all procurement staff lost their jobs. Multi cavity mould quality control is a very important also, including the production of hot runner molds and over-molding mold.

     What Injection molds steel used?
Injection molds to produce a large number of high quality parts, with high accuracy, very fast. Injection molds need to use a very good mold steel, usually based on the type of mold to distinguish between the use of steel.

  • Mold for mass production
    For big batch production (injection molds life is greater than 3 00000 shots) , mold steel is to reach more than 52 HRC after heat treatment. Other acceptable options is mold steel electroless nickel or chrome plated steel. Such kind of tool surface is easy to damage, require frequent maintenance. When the tool is stored at the end of the production run, the maximum capacity of the subsequent rust resistance is required.
  • Prototype Molds

Generally three materials are used. They are Kirksite, aluminum and soft steel. All three are used successfully. Kirksite being the softest has the shortest life. We have injection molded parts anywhere (from 5 to 100 pieces by Kirksite molds). Normally corrosion is not a problem. The soft nature of the Kirksite often requires more careful injection molding procedures. Kirksite tools major problems is cracking of the mold and galling at the parting line area . Prototype molds delivery time (6 to 10 weeks) is the major advantage. Aluminum remains an excellent construction material for prototype molds. We have run hundreds of aluminum prototype molds with very good success. Many of the prototype tools were able to give us several hundred to a few thousand pieces and are still in good shape to mold additional parts. The aluminum prototype molds need to be neutralized at the end of molding to prevent minor corrosion and pitting. In many non appearance parts, aluminum prototype molds end up being production molds for many years. This is especially true of many custom molded valves and fittings. Annual volume in these cases are low: 1,500 to 25,000 units.

     Cost analysis of injection molds manufacturing between China and America
The U.S. manufacturing sector, including China, the global capital attraction is growing, if the production efficiency, product added value and other factors into account, the gap between China and the U.S. manufacturing cost of individual industries in the further narrowing.
Although there are significant differences in labor costs in the United States and China, but comprehensive consideration of oil and electricity resources such as cost, robot to replace the role, taxes and transportation costs and other factors, the U.S. market, the mass production of products, American company can acheive the comprehensive production cost is lower than in China.
For a long time, the United States on the cost of technology, quality, cost and service cost is relatively higher. The cost will be the price of products in the United States pull high, but also to strengthen the ability of the added value of American manufacturing, but as supporting the production of injection molds and plastic products, this is not us pay attention to the field.
The influence of American manufacturing is back due to China injection mold industry, until now has not had much effect on the injection molds industry, Chinese injection molds enterprise still has its own cost advantages. If an enterprise make injection molds in the local American company, the cost is still high, but Chinese enterprises will save a lot of cost on mold design. In the long run, American manufacturing is back to impact on Chinese injection molds industry. Although the domestic mold price is relatively low, has the cost advantage, but this is actually the result of excessive competition in the industry. The next 3~5 years, because labor costs continue to rise, mould competition among enterprises profit is further compressed in such a vicious spiral make a lot of funds in a timely manner without technological innovation and upgrading of enterprises face the risk of being eliminated.
    With the growing of China's economic strength, China has become the second largest economy in the world, not simple workshop in plastics industry from world trade association data show.. The United States, as the country to a service economy dominated, its research and development capabilities, technological innovation capability are global top. The United States to regain the manufacturing industry big slogan, is actively developing manufacturing industry. With increase of China in the past two years the labor cost, return of U.S. manufacturing is taken for granted.


   Injection Molds Glossary

Gate referring to the plastic into the mold cavity molds.Types of Gates including;, Edge, fans, perfect cashew and XME exclusive sites for free edge shear

Shrinkage shrinkage rate refers to how many plastic materials after cooling.This part of the contract before they are added to the mold design.Each one has its own shrinking from plastic materials.11 samples per inch.060 per inch.Although most somewhere in between.004.021.Is very important in selecting a range of plastic material, you might want to test building injection molds.For example, if you want to use is polycarbonate.006 per inch and nylon.015 per inch you may want to set up the mould.010 or leaving critical size safe raw materials, until the last one is selected.

Sprue Perpendicular to the runner and sprue injection molding machine nozzle channel connected to the runner.

runner (hot runner) is used in injection mold, plastic will melt into the mold cavity of the heating components in the set.


Silder The slider part of the custom plastic injection molds to create weakened.Need automatic injection mould.

Ejector ejector pins are used to promote a core part of the mold halves.

Core tool for plastic parts will stick out, also known as the bottom half of the tool.

Cavity usually refers to the upper part of injection mold showed the finished surface, but is concave.Not so much core out side of tool.Parts usually does not persist when the injection molding machine mold is opened.

Draft angle refers to the parts of injection molded parts have some form of taper.Draft general all plastic components should be designed.See the Design Guide recommendations.

Cooling  Cooling water requirement for injection molding machine
Injection molding machine is a kind of precision control equipment, in particular, the hydraulic cooling system of high performance heat exchanger cold water pipe diameter. Fine, low flow rate, material resistance to rot, so the cooling water has more stringent requirements, not any water can be used a. Cooling water of injection molding machine, especially when the water contains too many minerals, long time running due to temperature difference and evaporation
The change in solubility of these minerals will be attached to the pipe wall to form scale, reduce the cooling effect and cause the pipeline corrosion.

Mold base is a mold semi manufactured goods, by a variety of steel plate with parts, can be said to be a complete set of mould frame. Due to involved in mold and die processing have great differences, mold manufacturers choose to place an order for mold with mold manufacturer, making use of the advantages of both production, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of the whole production.

Lifter It is the mechanism that is used to form the internal hook of the product in the mold design, and it is suitable for the simple case of the hook.






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