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   What about hot runner mould

  It use an assembly of heated components in plastic injection molds that inject plastic into the cavities of the mold. There are two general types of runnerless molds  - the insulated system and the hot runner system. Hot runners mold retain the advantages of the insulated
  runner system over conventional cold runner system and eliminate a number of the disadvantages. Hot runner system is one of the more important enhancements you can incorporate into a mold to improve molded part quality, reduce production times and remain price competitive

  Injection Mold Design + Hot runner

  Injection Mold with Hot runner Solution will use reliable hot runner system and mold design tools. Our engineering department work harder and quicker than any other supplier to offer you new design ideas and mold concepts using any kind of hot runner system.with long history of experience and reliability for plastic injection molding and hot runner mold manufacturing,  we can deliver the best solutions.
  Although there are many hot runner manufactures , a few major components is same:
  1. Hot runner plate (MANIFOLD)
  2. Nozzle 3. Temperature Controller
  4. Auxiliary parts

  Advantage of hot-runner mold in injection molding industry  

 Why some many customer select hot runner to make injection mold .This is mainly due to such injection mold has following salient feature:

  Less plastic raw materials: in the age of expensive oil and raw materials . hot runner technology is the effective way to reduce the materials cost.

  Quickly cycle time for injection molding, Due to no cooling time constrains runner system.

  Plastic can be more uniform state injection into each cavity, the result is consistent quality
  parts. Such injection molding components of good quality and low residual stress after ejection part distortion. reduce product costs, improve product quality



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