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  We make full hardened injection mold for injection moulding and plastic Injection

  Molded parts are widely used in auto accessories, Electronics, household appliances, medical devices, game players, and computer displays fields

  Be A professional Injection Mold Factory in China,we promise to custom is Supply Best Quality which exceeds our client's need and expectation.
  Propose Best Cost Save plan to our clients.
  Provide Best Delivery Schedule & Implement to insure our clients get when they expected to get.

  And we use best quality mold steel to make full hardened injection mold for our customer.

  H13 OR 2344
  The properties of Hot Work Steels are matched specifically to high-temperature applications. Typical fields of use for hot work steels include: die casting, extrusion, die forging, glass processing, and tube and pipe manufacture.
  Thyrotherm 2344 Magnum is an electro slag remelted hot work tool steel, designed to meet all premium H13 specifications. The increased toughness of this material was developed to meet the most stringent die casting applications. Thyrotherm 2344 Magnum differs from Thyrotherm 2344 SUPRA by using specially selected input materials, controlled forging, and special thermal procedures.

  NAK80 is a 40 HRC pre-Hardened, high performance, high precision, mold steel. Applications include plastic molds, rubber molds, jigs & fixtures, and press dies. 
  Machines up to 20 percent faster than 30 HRc P20
  Pre-hardened to 38-42 HRC
  Uniform microstructure & hardness (40 HRC between surface & interior)
  Never needs stress relieving, even after heavy machining
  Highly weldable, HAZ gets softer not harder (re-age harden to bring back to 40 HRC)
  EDM layer is easy to remove



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