Cnmoulding is a leading Die-Cast Mold Manufacturing Company

   During a few years in this field, we have developed advanced design and technology, as well as much experience. We supplies kinds of Customized OEM Aluminum Die Casting Molds and Parts for the worldwide market.
We have not only an excellent team for designing good metal Die cast, but also a good team for installation and commissioning.

What we can supply your service
1. Design the whole line of cast house and extrusion workshop.
2. Provide the machines in melting and casting workshop , such as Melting furnace, Billet Casting plant, Ingot Casting plant, Homogenizing furnace line,dross separator etc.
3. Supply the machines in extrusion workshop, such as handling table, die heater, single log heater, Multi-log heater, hot shear, aging oven and so on.
4. Take charge for the installation and commissioning.
5. Long-term and efficient after-sales service.

We usually use the material and process list
1)Material: Aluminum Die Casting-A380,Aluminum Die Casting-ADC12,Aluminum Die Casting-AlSi9Cu3,etc
2)Processing method: turning, milling , drilling, boring, tapping, reaming, etc.
3)Surface treatment: painting, powder coating,electroplating, oxygenation,Shot blasting, etc.
4)Product inspection: initial sample inspection, process quality control, Pre-shipment Inspection.
5)Inspection tool: Coordinate Measuring Machine, Projector, all kinds of gauge, Salt Spray Tester. etc.
6)Similar: Zinc Die casting, Magnesium Die casting

How make the customized parts according to customer's requirement.
1.Aluminum Die Casting for Motorcycle spare parts
2.Aluminum Die Casting for Automobile spare parts
3.Aluminum Die Casting for Medical equipment parts
4.Aluminum Die Casting for Industrial machining parts
5.Aluminum Die Casting for Pneumatic &manual hardware components

5 facilities
1.Machine:100T to 1000T
2.Trimming press
3.Electric holding furnace
4.X-Ray machine

Die casting Definition
Die casting production is the production process of a metal casting, which is characterized by forcing molten metal into a mold cavity under high pressure die casting. The use of two hard die steel as cavity material, processed into shape, and work similarly to an injection mold manufacturing process.





Product Design
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