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  • Cn-moulding is well-known plastic injection china mold company in the industry for its capability to manufacture highly complex and highly productive molds with unsurpassed workmanship. we makes molds from single to 128 cavities incorporating multiple slides and lifters, collapsible or expandable cores, multiple hydraulic core pulls or unscrewing mechanisms, hundreds of interchangeable inserts, numerous ribs and shutoffs with demanding requirements for appearance and dimensional accuracy. Our staff of experienced engineers, designers and toolmakers works with you to define your custom molding concept, construct a prototype, and build your custom mold. Using sophisticated computer-aided design technology and the latest equipment, we provide a technically superior mold to assure your project success.

China injection molding company

China injection molding company

For your next custom injection molding project, you have plenty of choices when it comes to injection molding companies. The right choice injection mold company you want to work with them is a china plastic molding company, providing custom plastic molding and precision injection molding since 1997. it is us! China mold company


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  • Cnmoulding advanced mold-making facility serves customers needing unique parts from custom molds. Our experienced engineers, designers and tool makers will assist you in moving your project from design concept and prototype development to the finished part. we also provide start-to-finish, customer-driven injection molding services for both short-run and high-quantity requirements.Looking for a one-stop shop? We can help you save time and money by managing the entire production process from start to finish. We are a "full service/full capability" integrated operation. We will exceed your expectations by applying our own high standards. Our contract manufacturing capabilities are endless. Just ask!


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