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We offer a broad range of creative injection mould and plastic molding services

  Cn-moulding  is few company to successfully research and develop double two color/shots plastic injection molding in shanghai ,china.

  Double two shots/two colors plastic injection molding, sometimes known as 2 material 2 shot molding, The success of double plastic injection relies heavily on mold design and material knowledge to have a strongly bonded result.


  1. More high quality plastic products issue
  2. No color fading issue
  3. Greater design flexibility,2 Colors/shots Injection
Molding Process

Producing two color or two component injected molded parts from two different thermoplastic materials in shanghai china process, quickly and efficiently:

Two-shot plastic injection molding, co-injection, two-color and multi-component molding are all variations of an advanced molding technology
Combining hard plastics with soft materials
Two step process performed during a single press machine cycle
Consolidates two or more components thus eliminating additional assembly costs

More than normal injection molding manufacturer in China

  As a experienced double injection supplier,we have the most professional design team. Besides product industrial design, the team also involve in injection molded plastic parts design and testing of products. After numerous rigorous testing to ensure the quality has been taken, we will begin to have a mass production.

  If you are looking for someone who has a high volume production capability and produce the nice  Double Injection quality products, contact with us now

  We use easy way to build 2 color molds for product two color injection part, it is specially good for low quantity production and complicate structure product ,not need cost much more money on complicate double color injection mold

 Being the most experienced and having advanced technology capabilities, we are able to satisfy our customers' needs.



Product Design
Rapid Prototyping