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    First Plastic-InjectionMoulding.com (CNMOULDING) is a custom plastic injection molding company based in Shanghai,China. We provide excellent plastic molding products and services for companies all over the world. Our comprehensive service from industrial design ,mold design and manufacturing,volume production and production is based on an end-to-end quality assurance system that delivers an efficient, cost-saving, turnkey solution in plastic injection molding manufacturing.(More about us

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  • We offer full in house mold making, design and manufacturing at our shanghai facility,Introduction our extensive experience approach to plastic molding


  • 3D CAD/CAM/CAE/CMM Full Advanced Engineering Product Design Services

    China Plastic Injection Molding company uses the lasted new version software design programs: ProE, SolidWorks, Catia, Unigraphics among others. you can send any type of drawings xmt,step,vad or .iges,.
    We also give you service is reverse engineering, we can follow your sample to create a complete new 3d drawings and the molds. Becasue of patent problem, we also give you  value-added engineering service. Products and molds will always be designed to the specifications of the customer needs.(More of Design..


We get the project management experience you deserve with high level quality

Cn-moulding company providing thousands difference precision injection molds and millions quality precision plastics parts to all industries. It will include medical industry, automobile, electronic industry, consume plastic products etc.,Our skilled technician and mould maker specialists work with each individual client and use the best material available for each application,Guides your project through each phase of development to save you time and money.Call us today what you needs, and we’ll give you a better than expected results

Do you know really a chinese injection mold company working process

Injection mold manufacturing process and production process of other industrial products, are starting from raw materials through various processing into the whole process of the finished product. Many types of mold, its structure, purpose and requirements also vary, but their production processes also have in common, can basically be divided into five main stages: the production of technical preparation stage, the preparation stage of raw materials, parts and components processing stage, assembly and commissioning phase trial identification stage.

We offer Die Casting Mold manufacturing

Cnmoulding is a leading Die-Cast Mold Manufacturing Company.During a few years in this field, we have developed advanced design and technology, as well as much experience. We supplies kinds of Customized OEM Aluminum Die Casting Molds and Parts for the worldwide market.
We have not only an excellent team for designing good metal Die cast, but also a good team for installation and commissioning.

Accessories for your new iPhone 7 case

We learned about your iPhone 7 ,mobile phone business from the market.
And the services we provide may be a small part of your new iPhone, our creative fast mobile phone accessories custom service independent of any other Chinese plastic injection mold manufacturer.





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